Humidity Controllers – HI-9020-Tr

Heatcon temperature –humidity controller not only  indicates the present temperature and   humidity  but also controls both  at the the same time.


  • Temperature is displayed on the upper LED display(RED) with ½inch and humidity on the lower LED display (Green) with ½ inch


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Specifications of Humidity Controllers

  • Temperature Range : -20°C to 99.9°C
  • Humidity Range : 5% to 99%
  • Standard Cable Length : 3 to 5 meters
  • Cable Used : Teflon insulated and shielded for interior and silicon cable for external
  • Casing :  ABS Plastic
  • Dual Output: 4 to 20mA
  • System: 2/3/4 wire
  • Input Power Supply: 8-24V DC