TF-1601 HI (Copy)


HEATCON TF series tube furnace is a precision bench –top furnace using quality ceramic MoSi2 rods as heating elements. It is widely used for materials or chemical lab to sinter all types of new materials samples under vacuum or other gases condition. It is controlled by high precision SCR and  digital controller with accuracy +/-1oC and 30 segments programmable up to 1800 o C.





Maximum Working Temperature 1800 o C
Temperature Control 30 steps programmable PID auto control /PID control
Control Accuracy ±1 o C
Thermocouple B Type
Heating Rate 0~10 o C/ min (suggestion:=< 10 o C)
Heating element MoSi2 heating elements
Working Voltage AC 220V 50Hz Single Phase or 440V Three Phase



TF-1601 HI Dia 40 x 300mm(1.5”x12”) 1800 o C 2kw
TF-1602 HI Dia 40 x 450mm(1.5”x12”) 1800 o C 2.5kw
TF-1603 HI Dia 60 x 300mm(1.5”x12”) 1800 o C 3kw
TF-1604HI Dia 60 x 450mm(1.5”x12”) 1800 o C 3.5kw
TF-1605HI Dia 75 x 300mm(1.5”x12”) 1800 o C 4kw
TF-1606 HI Dia 75x 450mm(1.5”x12”) 1800 o C 4.5kw
TF-1606 HI Dia 100x 450mm(1.5”x12”) 1800 o C 6kw